Gwyn Faenol

Gwyn Faenol is a traveller in life (originally from Wales) who found himself in Thailand and realised that it was for him. Not being an artist by training, Gwyn's Thai friends suggested that he paint and see where it led him. Gwyn painted (successfully) and decided to branch out into sculpture. His early works were figurative and this led him on to more experimental images, of which, these sculptures are the result.

Echoing Gwyn's sub-conscious Celtic traditions, they are haunting yet strangely familiar images. Troubling, but comforting. Yet these are not transported images form Western Europe, but rather contemporary Asian artworks created by an artist who has used the everyday in local Thai life (such as the seed fronds of palms) and interwoven it into his cultural background.

Gwyn is an outstanding talent, particularly in regard to his original sculptures. Each piece is original. Only one is produced.

Kunstwerken van Gwyn Faenol