This is the 400% & 100% Bearbrick set – Andy Warhol (Brillo) Medicom Toys

From Medicom Toy comes this BE@RBRICK set featuring an all-over print of the “Brillo Boxes” artwork by the famous ’60s artist, Andy Warhol, who is remembered as the leading figure of pop art. This notable work spurred discussion of how we identify and value something as art since it was a precise copy of the Brillo commercial packaging. When and how did it transform into the work of art that it now is considered? Andy Warhol’s portrait and signature are also printed on the back.

The 400% & 100% Bearbrick set – Andy Warhol (Brillo) by Medicom Toys is a limited edition.

Size:  b 13 cm h 27 cm l 10 cm