Big Electric Chair, created in 1967, is part of a series of works by Andy Warhol depicting an electric chair. Death by electrocution was a controversial subject in New York City, where the artist lived and worked, especially after the last two executions at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in 1963. The empty chair is believed to be a metaphor for death. Warhol obtained a photograph of the empty execution chamber, which became the basis for this series

These prints are made from reproductions of Warhol’s original silkscreens from 1967.

These prints are produced with the same quality and integrity as Warhol’s original Marilyn screenprints. The only significant difference is the cost, which means everyone can enjoy a Warhol without breaking the bank.

Blue stamp edition !

Wordt geleverd met lijst en museum glas

Afmeting met lijst: ± 150 cm x 110 cm