Vinyl figure set by KAWS, inspired by the 42 meter inflatable sculpture at The Float, Marina Bay in Singapore 2021.
Singapore was the seventh stop in the KAWS’ HOLIDAY tour, which since 2018 visited Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and even outer space.

The classic KAWS Companions are lying on their back holding a smaller companion in their arms, reclined and in embrace. In celebration of the highly-anticipated event Brian Donelly, known as KAWS, released this Holiday Singapore Figure replica. “In the first Holiday project (on Seoul’s Seokchon Lake), the figure was reclining in water looking straight up. I was trying to think of the most relaxed situation I could possibly be in and I imagined swimming and just staring up into the sky.” – Brian Donelly

Medium: Vinyl.
Year: 2021.


Size: 13 cm x 26 cm x 9 cm