Ship of Fools

A one of a kind unique masterpiece of the founder of Borowski Art Glass, STANISŁAW BOROWSKI himself!


Height: ±52 cm
Length: ± 45 cm

assembly technique, sand blasted,
Hand blowing colorful glass
Hand engraved elements in glass,
copper-wheel engraved colored glas



Artist, born in 1944
Founder of Glass Studio Borowski

The top artist in the world, his works are mostly collected by celebrities, famous museums and personal collectors. As a famous Polish glass artist, Stanislaw Borowski was born in France in 1944, and founded the Borowski Glass Studio in 1990.

Stanisław Borowski, one of the big names in the European studio glass movement of the late 1970s, has proven a so far unknown quality with his engraved and sculptural works. He has presented it convincingly to a broad public in numerous exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Stanisław Borowski plays virtuously with the versatile design techniques of glass. Over the years, an intensive complex of works has developed that deals with the political issues of his time and with human existence.
The results are mouth-blown, multi-overlaid hollow bodies that are engraved and assembled together with sculptures freely shaped on the glass pipe to complex sculptural compositions.

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