This is the 400% Bearbrick – Andy Mouse (Keith Haring) by Medicom Toys.

Keith Haring’s Andy Mouse painting gets the Bearbrick treatment! A fusion piece of artwork combining Keith Haring’s friend Andy Warhol with the lovable Mickey Mouse. Collect the Andy Mouse Bearbrick!

Andy Mouse is a series of silkscreen prints created by American artist Keith Haring in 1986. The character Andy Mouse is a fusion between Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Andy Warhol. The series, which consists of four silkscreen prints on wove paper, all signed and dated in pencil by Haring and Warhol, sold for $56,400 at Christie’s in December 2001.

The 400% Bearbrick – Andy Mouse (Keith Haring) is a limited edition.

Size:  b 13 cm h 27 cm l 10 cm