Brains On Stone Tor 75 mm

Bertil Vallien

In the eighties, Swedish glass artist Bertil Vallien created the first Brains – the head, which has become one of his most prominent symbols. Since then, he has made a variety of ‘individuals’ and new expressions that he views as meditative anti-stress objects for both the hand and the eye. The Brains Mercurius is colored with powder pigment on the outer surface and inner layer, with details in real silver, and attached to a stone plinth. The unique object is handmade at Kosta Glassworks in Sweden, in a limited edition, and is part of the Kosta Boda Artist Collection.

• Collector’s Item
• Real Silver Leaves
• Handmade in Kosta, Sweden


  • H: 5.75 inch
  • W: 2.5 inch